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About me?

Hello! My name is André-Pascal Werthwein. I was born in Stuttgart [Germany] and I am a »Communication Designer« specializing in Web Design, Web Development and also User Experience Design. But my spare time I passionately spent on different other creative fields and projects, such as Photography.

Within the field of photography I am always looking for new projects. I have a great love for Architecture Photography, since the complexity and interplay of shapes, materials and perspectives is fascinating to me. But now and then I also dabble into other fields of photography.

André-Pascal Werthwein,


If you are interested or maybe have an idea for a photoshoot, I am allways looking for Models; preferably in the area of Mannheim or Stuttgart [Germany]. All shootings are based on a TfP-Contract. Don't hesitate to ask!

TFP Photoshoot

Model-Kartei [GER]

André-Pascal Werthwein,

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